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FREE EP released via vampirefreaks
FREE Uberbyte EP available now. Featuring exclusive tracks and remixes by Syndika: Zero, Captive Six, Caustic, Diffuzion, Coreline and Erektor.

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Track listing:

  1. Kill Like Me (from the sessions for DOS)
  2. Killing Comes easily (from the sessions for DOS)
  3. Manifest(o) (from the sessions for DOS)
  4. Inter-Lewd (from the sessions for DOS)
  5. Aeon (remix by Calitive Six)
  6. Soma (Death has no dominion remix by Syndika:Zero)
  7. Soma (remix by Diffuzion)
  8. Under the Cross (remix by caustic)
  9. The Gift (remix by Erektor)
  10. I am the Nation (Tonight matthew I'm going to be terrance fixmer remix by Coreline)
13 // 03 // 2009

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