Uberbyte to embark on World Tour!

See you wherever you are..
Yeah, OK, this wasn't technically true - just a bit of April Fools fun..

We're not actually going on a world tour.


The Uberteam is hugely pleased to announce that later this year we will be embarking on our first ever WORLD TOUR!!

We will be kicking off in the UK with a few select dates, before working our way through Europe, Mexico, the US, Canada, Australia and even a couple of gigs in Japan, before coming home for a proper round of shows back here in good ole' Blighty!

If you want to follow us, and find out when we're playing in your area, keep an eye on the 
dates page - we'll be putting all the details in there as and when they get confirmed.

People of the world - and we do mean THE WORLD...

01 // 04 // 2009

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