Back in the Netherlands - 3rd September!!

Uberbyte to headline at Cyberia special DJ -X-X-X- BIRTHDAY EDITION!!
Back to the Netherlands..

We are very pleased to announce that we will be appearing at the birthday celebrations of a certain Mr Kees, aka DJ -X-X-X-, in Utrecht on the 3rd September.  We've become very fond of picturesque little Utrecht after playing Cyberia there in 2008, and the Summer Darkness festival last year, so we're very pleased to have the chance to head back.

Expect to hear our latest and greatest hits from EXS, as well as the utterly barmy "Money Shot" which - in case you hadn't heard - has been tearing it up across America the last few weeks!  Plus the usual unpredictable daftness which comes with an Uberbyte live show

This promises to be another night to remember - let's help make it an awesome birthday party for the excellent Kees!

13 // 07 // 2010

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