Uberbyte to tour US with Nachtmahr

EMPIRES OF NOISE TOUR 2010 - now taking bookings for the USA June 18 – July 4
Yep folks, you got that right - Uberbyte is coming to America!!

After a storming show at Preston with Nachmahr, Thomas has invited us to join the Imperial Austrian Industrial noise-makers as they tear it up across the New World.

So, if you're a promoter in the US, or if you wanna see two of the stompiest bands around In Ur Club, Kickin Ur Ass (apologies to Geoff from Modulate for nicking his slogan!) then start bugging your local promoter to get us booked!!

Promoters can start the ball rolling by contacting info @ bpmtalent.com

Website: www.bpmtalent.com
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