"Break You" Digital Single

To be release 14 // 12 // 2009 exclusively through VampireFreaks
As its the time of festive misery and hell on earth..

We've decided to cheer you all up by releasing a digital single on Vampirefreaks exclusively. It'll have "Break You" from the forthcoming album EXS plus a bunch of remixes from Be My Enemy, Interface, Engelmacher and more to be confirmed...

All at a cheap as chips festive price of just $2 (that's about 1.22ish good ole' Blighty quids, though obviously this could change as the exchange rate does..)

To be released 14th December 2009 via our lovely friends at www.vampirefreaks.com.  If you're on there and haven't added us already, go check us out at www.vampirefreaks.com/uberbyte.  We'll splash the link to the download all over here once we have it..

Go on, make someone's Christmas - buy them some Uber-goodness
30 // 11 // 2009

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