Leeds, Birmingham and London to get Uber-spit goodness

Well, looks like our initial plans to "take a year off from gigging" have kind of gone to pot - we just couldn't keep away from you lovely people.  Especially when the chance comes up to join the awesome Angelspit in wreaking some havoc across the UK as part of their Wall Street Massacre tour 2012!

We'll be playing Leeds, Birmingham and London with the guys, on 13th-15th September - details and locations on the gigs page.


..and if you want an idea of how much we think this tour is going to ROCK, stare at the pic below for a while...

06 // 08 // 2012
Our own Richard will be on stage with Nachtmahr on Sunday 29th
Just a quick note to say our Fearless Leader Richard, aka Uberman, will be appearing on stage with Nachtmahr this Sunday at the Infest festival in Bradford, for what will surely be a stonking performance of "I Believe in Blood".

So if you're there, keep an eye out for these legends(?) of industrial, together for the first time!
27 // 08 // 2010
Uberbyte will be the main support for Combichrist at their exclusive Sheffield show
Combichrist will be playing an exclusive show at Sheffield Corporation on Monday the 1st of Feb, before starting their European tour with Rammstein, and the Uberteam will be their main support for the night!

Opening act TBC, so check back soon!

Click here to buy tickets from our web store

07 // 01 // 2010
EMPIRES OF NOISE TOUR 2010 - now taking bookings for the USA June 18 – July 4
Yep folks, you got that right - Uberbyte is coming to America!!

After a storming show at Preston with Nachmahr, Thomas has invited us to join the Imperial Austrian Industrial noise-makers as they tear it up across the New World.

So, if you're a promoter in the US, or if you wanna see two of the stompiest bands around In Ur Club, Kickin Ur Ass (apologies to Geoff from Modulate for nicking his slogan!) then start bugging your local promoter to get us booked!!

Promoters can start the ball rolling by contacting info @ bpmtalent.com

Website: www.bpmtalent.com
12 // 12 // 2009
To be release 14 // 12 // 2009 exclusively through VampireFreaks
As its the time of festive misery and hell on earth..

We've decided to cheer you all up by releasing a digital single on Vampirefreaks exclusively. It'll have "Break You" from the forthcoming album EXS plus a bunch of remixes from Be My Enemy, Interface, Engelmacher and more to be confirmed...

All at a cheap as chips festive price of just $2 (that's about 1.22ish good ole' Blighty quids, though obviously this could change as the exchange rate does..)

To be released 14th December 2009 via our lovely friends at www.vampirefreaks.com.  If you're on there and haven't added us already, go check us out at www.vampirefreaks.com/uberbyte.  We'll splash the link to the download all over here once we have it..

Go on, make someone's Christmas - buy them some Uber-goodness
30 // 11 // 2009
Uberbyte are Featured Band on VampireFreaks
Yay!  Those lovely folks over at VampireFreaks have chosen us to be the Featured Band - hurrah!

Click here to go visit our VF page, and while you're at it you could download our free album WTF (exclusively through VF, and currently top of their Free chart) or buy our triumphant second album DOS (currently #8 in the New Releases)

So go, Rate us, Love us, Buy us.  Preferably in that order  :o)
03 // 06 // 2009
Uberbyte to play ALL 5 UK dates plus one in Germany
It's been confirmed - Uberbyte will be joinng Combichrist and Aesthetic Perfection on all 5 dates of the UK leg of the former's Demons on Tour outing, plus a show in Köln, Germany.

The itinerary is as follows:

  • Sat 23rd May - Sheffield (Corporation)
  • Sun 24th May - Edinburgh (Bongo club)
  • Bank Holiday Mon 25th May - Sunderland (Independent)
  • Tues 26th May - Wolverhampton (The Robin)
  • Weds 27th May - London (O2 Islington)
  • Thurs 28th May - Köln (Essigfabrik)

Line-up for each gig is: 


Aesthetic Perfection


More details of each gig over on our Live listings.

Needless to say, we're pleased as punch about this, and heartily looking forward to six days in a tour bus with the unbridled madness that is Andy and the gang.  Assuming we return alive from this, with no major burns or severe loss of life or limb, 

Look out for the Uberbyte tour diary over on the Blog page - starting on the Saturday and updated whenver we get chance!!!

07 // 05 // 2009
See you wherever you are..
Yeah, OK, this wasn't technically true - just a bit of April Fools fun..

We're not actually going on a world tour.


The Uberteam is hugely pleased to announce that later this year we will be embarking on our first ever WORLD TOUR!!

We will be kicking off in the UK with a few select dates, before working our way through Europe, Mexico, the US, Canada, Australia and even a couple of gigs in Japan, before coming home for a proper round of shows back here in good ole' Blighty!

If you want to follow us, and find out when we're playing in your area, keep an eye on the 
dates page - we'll be putting all the details in there as and when they get confirmed.

People of the world - and we do mean THE WORLD...

01 // 04 // 2009
DOS has hit the Music Non Stop bestsellers list at #8, with still a week before its release
Uberbyte's second album DOS is already in the Music Non Stop top 10, on pre-orders alone.

You can order it yourself by going here:

It's officially released on April 10th, so help us get it all the way to #1!!

Support your New World Order - Stand Up for Uberbyte!

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30 // 03 // 2009
FREE EP released via vampirefreaks
FREE Uberbyte EP available now. Featuring exclusive tracks and remixes by Syndika: Zero, Captive Six, Caustic, Diffuzion, Coreline and Erektor.

URL for the download:



Track listing:

  1. Kill Like Me (from the sessions for DOS)
  2. Killing Comes easily (from the sessions for DOS)
  3. Manifest(o) (from the sessions for DOS)
  4. Inter-Lewd (from the sessions for DOS)
  5. Aeon (remix by Calitive Six)
  6. Soma (Death has no dominion remix by Syndika:Zero)
  7. Soma (remix by Diffuzion)
  8. Under the Cross (remix by caustic)
  9. The Gift (remix by Erektor)
  10. I am the Nation (Tonight matthew I'm going to be terrance fixmer remix by Coreline)
13 // 03 // 2009