Uberbyte Lyrics - DOS

Under the Cross

This voodoo has led you astray
Forsake this inbred age
Slaughter the holy cow
Where is your God now ?
My eyes betray me
My eyes betray me
All this we lost
Under the cross
200 years
Drowning in tears

Praise him, as Sodom burns
Fire shall inherit the earth
Open the seventh seal
His power.
You lied to take control
You lied to make me feel whole
You lied to save my soul

You say, God will scourge the obscene
Through hate he'll render us clean
Your faith, a rock unto him
What good did he ever bring ?
The weak shall suffer
The weak shall suffer
Always the same,
It's always the same
Purge and repeat,
Die at his feet

Say what?

Hammer down, pop a cap, squeeze the trigger, go figure
Mr 9MM don't lie
Got a suit sharp as a knife
And you're running outta time

Say what. One more time.
Say what.
Say what. One more time.
Say what..

Eins, Zwei,
Drei, Vier,
Fumf, Sechs,

Praise the gun, bring it on, cold steel don't feel
Just the tyranny of evil men
Cast your recollection back when
I told you
Be cool.

The Gift

Confess in haste, repent at leisure
I see through your facade
You burn in hell or walk on water?
Give it to me hard
Vindication you deny me,
Supplication on your knees
Thrust the fist home, make me want this
Fuck me up and leave me to bleed

Like beasts we rave,
Enslaved by violence and fear
We lust, abuse,
Degrade, rape,
Murder, hate

This is the monster that laughs in my heart
This is the knowledge that tears you apart

Reborn in fire, I cast the first stone
Temptation is my name
This is my blood, this is my body
I reject your shame
Retribution for your weakness
Revelation, burn the sky
Bend me over, make me hate you
Suck me dry and
Leave me to die

So blind we crawl,
Infect the world with our madness
We crave, covet, violate,

Repent to me and give life to the lie
I am the Demon
The Mote in God's eye.


 No lyrics

Industrial Bitch

I want it loud
I love it fast
I need it deep, turn up the kick
I like it...sick
I'm an Industrial Bitch


Take form before me, shape of the night
Forgotten synapses flair into life
This is moments and moments are dust
I lived in hope and now all hope is lost
What is real ?
Can this be your flesh I feel ?
Comprehend nothing, blind to the light
It's a momentary lapse of my sight

Drink deep, Soma
All I knew is over
Awake, Soma
She lives again, born from my mind

Conciousness fading, trapped in denial
Exhale deeply, walking the line
Break free, free of this loss
Seeking a reason when reason is gone
Losing form
Feel cohesion fail to oblivion
Choke on her memory
Savour the taste
It's a permanent absence of state

Self Destruct.


 Ia Ia Cthulu Fhtagn !


Take a walk through the zero, let it go, turning too slow you abandon all control
What's the message when the message cannot speak?
Is this me?

Take your time, rewind
Feel the essence of your mind
Leave your pressure behind

Regress your mind 'til it makes sense, light bends, unsend what was said
Till you feel the truth
The paradox of the paradoxical
I'm just a man.

It's the light that made you blind

Here at the crux, Im turning, turning, spinning
Shadows lengthen, crystalise
Take your time

There is nothing left to find

Last Human

We are the dead they said, yeah we were born to lose
They cauterised our conscience in the name of your truth
In this construct
We are mere fractions
Frustration builds
Corrupted bios
The wheels turn
Infernal engines
Dissect your living heart

A bullet in your mind, murder the lie,
Open up your eyes
This is the day, the place, the hour
We set the world on fire

Lost in the monochrome as self fades away
Atrocity walks free at the end of all days
There is no hope
But what we can make
The last human
To stand against fate
Oil and lust
The future
Looming above your pallid face

A bullet in your mind, murder the lie,
Open up your eyes
This is the day, the place, the hour
We set the world on fire

Time & Paper

 No lyrics.

(Let's put the fun in) Fundamentalist

 No lyrics

Ich Will Tanzen