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 After a weeks run through on programming and lyrics we have a pretty good idea of which songs will make the final cut of our third album EXS. to whit: Break you The Lie The black Classroom Fight the Power cover version of the Public enemy classic Dein Himmel Some kind of love El Mosco If something gets hard (fuck it) Wired Noise is my Weapon Serve without Question Who the fuck are Uberbyte ? We might well have a few tasters for you soon ...watch the skies... Read more
15 // 06 // 2009
 Work on the third album is well underway. Decided to get on with it and put some positive energy out in response to recent bouts of bullshit from the dimension of TOTAL FAIL. You make me sick I make music kinda vibe. Anyway :P Yeah positive energy.  Started this album at christmas just about. From 200 ideas, to about 25 partial songs to about 14 "finished" songs which I'm now polishing up, adding ghost vocals with the correct lyrics and so on to. Next phase will be to record all the audio that needs recording and thence onto the mixdown. Im putting huge amounts of time... Read more
06 // 06 // 2009
Whew, back now in dear old Blighty, having survived my first tour and six days with Combichrist without loss of life, limb or too great an amount of well-being.  Unlike poor Rich, who I can honestly say will never forget that birthday as long as he lives :) Germany's gig was OK, I thought.  Not massive (and certainly not in the same league as London or Sunderland), but I felt we acquitted ourselves.  Apparently there's something of a tradition of the first show in Germany being a bit flat, so hopefully next time they'll go mental for us. The venue was amazing... Read more
29 // 05 // 2009
Wow, it's my first time EVER in Germany, and I'm playing a gig here!  How cool is that?! Anyway, London.  Awesome.  Nothing much remarkable before the show, just chilling out backstage and trying to get everything together for the trip abroad.  We had the sound guy from Rich's old band too, and he did great things with our front-of-house sound. Oddly enough, one of the best bits of the show was before we even appeared!  We were backstage, ready to go, they faded the interim music... and people started chanting for us!  That's the first time I can remember a crowd doing... Read more
28 // 05 // 2009
Ohh, our poor singer!  Rich is feeling decidedly the worse for things today, having made the schoolboy error of having his birthday while on tour with Combichrist.  Or at least, letting it be known that it's his birthday while on tour with Combichrist. But going back a bit..  We woke up in Bilton, which appears to be a small town somewhere outside Wolverhampton.  This tour sure gets us all the glamour spots(!)  The first order of the day was breakfast tho, which the tour itinerary helpfully had scheduled for 1300 - rock 'n' roll!  The venue was actually pretty good -... Read more
27 // 05 // 2009
Whew-ee!  Sunderland may be a bit off the traditional beaten track for touring EBM bands, but they sure give you a hell of a response! We rolled in sometime mid-afternoon, to find a spread of food even better than the one in Edinburgh - this just keeps getting better and better!  Plus the addition of a venue dog (Daniel made us lol by complaining "This isn't the dog I had on my rider") and there was some sort of weird attic room upstairs with, among other things, an old electric chair..  Slightly worrying, in a "Jigsaw-from-Saw's lair" kind of way.. Anyway, we... Read more
26 // 05 // 2009
Edinburgh wins again :) We arrived a few hours late (the bus got a flat tyre on the way up, so we spent several hours in a Durham service station waiting for the ATS guy; rock ‘n’ roll, eh?) but it was all better when we got to the venue (which was awesome, by the way, although they had some weird red things on the walls which I think were meant to be devil horns, but actually seemed kinda phallic..) and saw the fantastic spread of food the promoters had put on for us. They even got us fish’n’ chips... Read more
25 // 05 // 2009
Well, here we are in Edinburgh, and we're all alive (if not awake!) so it's all good so far. But to go back to the beginning.  I'd had a bit of a party in my new flat last night, so a lot of us were a bit dazed and confused from that, but one way or another we all made it to Corporation in time for soundchecking.  The place was already starting to fill up as we headed backstage to get ready, so we had a good vibe. So we got the nod to go on, headed for the stage and saw..... Read more
24 // 05 // 2009
For those who want to see the kick assiest, Poundingest, Nastiest mofos in UK industrial over the next six days. Get with the Ubertribe, down the front, making some noize innit. We're onstage: Sheffield corporation, Saturday may 23rd. 19.30h Edinburgh Bongo Club, Sunday may 24th. 19.15h Sunderland independant, Monday may 25th. 20.00h Wolverhampton, The Robin, Tuesday may 26th. 20.15h London, O2 academy, Wednesday may 27th. 19.20h Cologne, Essigfabrik, Thursday may 28th. 20.00h BE THERE OR BE SOMEWHERE ELSE.  AND LET OUR BATTLE CRY BE.. "WHO THE FUCK ARE UBERBYTE" In caps lock ! Read more
22 // 05 // 2009
If you go down the link marker "merch" today....you're sure of a big surprise. An awesome new T shirt design by Nathan of industriarts. What you waiting for ;) ? Read more
11 // 05 // 2009