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Glasgow with Grendel & System:FX

I've had a couple of people asking if I'm gonna write up our  awesomely fun couple of days supporting Grendel, so here goes..

The car journey up to Scotland was long, the tedium of travelling broken only by our usual mental ramblings and in-jokes - this time inspired by the Dog Day vs Cat Day that I'd read to James that morning, so we were quipping "Road, my favourite thing", "Trees, my favourite thing!", "Scotland, my favourite thing!"..

Unfortuantely, Glasgow's traffic system was definitely NOT our favourite thing, and the SatNav kept losing its signal and sending us round in circles!  Thankfully one of the DJs from the night was an absolute star and came to find us - massive props to Brian, you rock dude!

The venue itself was pretty nice, let down only by the huauge number of flights of stairs we had to climb up, lugging all the gear!  Can't wait for the day when we're big enough to have roadies to do all this lifting for us.. Still, we survived load-in and soundcheck, and headed down to the dressing room (which was down another three flights of even-more-dangerous stairs) to chill out with Grendel and System FX, who were opening for us.  They'd driven all the way from London, can you believe!?!  But it was cool to find out that Rik, whom I'd randomly met at Infest waaay back in 2005, is now playing keyboard for them.  Speaking of keyboards, Grendel's "guest keyboardist" this time round is Sascha from Schallfaktor (the previous two times I've seen them they've had Dan from Aesthetic Perfection and Marco from XP8).

So System:FX kicked things off brilliantly, getting an ever-incresing crowd moving and shouting.  It all seemed to be going great, and we were just about to head up for our show, when there was a scream from the stairs outside the dressing room..
You remember I said they were dangerous?  Debz from System:FX had slipped coming down them, and her finger was bent out an an angle nobody's finger should be.  Thankfully the other guys were on the case and got her whisked off to hospital while went on.

The show itself was massively great fun - the audience were totally stoked up and going nuts, and even seemed to forgive us for being English.  At least he didn't make the mistake Rogue from the Cruxshadows told us about, when he tried to psyche the crowd up by telling them "The English can do better than that!"  Apparently he nearly caused a riot, and almost got arrested for causing a Breach of the Peace...

There was a minor hiatus when Char's keyboard spontaneoulsy un-tuned itself near the end of the set, but thankfully the established technical resolution of "turning it off and on again" sorted that out, and our journey to the wonderful world of Epic Win was completed with a rocked-out version of Total War, with Rich once again getting the audience providing some of the lyrics.

Then Grendel took the atmosphere and kicked it up to 11, putting on a blitzing show to a thunderous reception.  I officially LOVE their new version of "Harsh Generation", where they mix in bits of Prodigy's "No Good" near the end.  Unfortunately this is about the best video version of it I can find (From Summer Darkness earlier this year - the cool bit kicks in about 3:20)..

The gig finished kind of early (sort of 11ish), but that was cool because, after merch had been sold, autographs signed and photos taken, it left loads of time for after show party.  And thus - in the words of Marko from XP8 (that's Marko from XP8, not Marco from XP8 - keep up - we "very professionally proceeded to get off our faces".  Well, Rich and I did - poor old Char is the only one of us who can (legally) drive, and James, as some of you may know, is straight-edge.  And takes great delight in remembering everything that goes on, damn him..

But yes, the after-party rocked, there was good music, we met loads of totally cool people - it was great to see Seamus from Rogue Process (sort of - he said he's sort of on hiatus) again - and I'm sure various foolish photos will surface on teh interwebz over the next few days..  I must admit on being a little.. fuzzy.. on the exact end of the night - I'm placing blame for this squarely on Marc from Grendel and his Jack Daniels.  Apparently, so James says, the things I failed to remember included:
  • Ben!  Walking into a phone box on the way back to the hostel!  (as in bouncing off it)
  • Ben!  Getting lost trying to find the way back from the toilets in the hostel (to be fair, I do vaguely remember this)
  • James!  Waiting for hours for a taxi for his friend..
  • Ben!  Explaining to the extremely patient girl on reception how his friend had broken her wrist dancing to Journey (they were playing Journey at the time)
Ahem, so yes.  A good party...  Damn you James, I'll get you one day.. 
11 // 12 // 2009

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