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A new role for Deadboy.

 In case some of you are confronted with some strange changes at fortthcoming gigs. 

We've dropped the surdos for the time being from the Uberbyte line up. They were kinda cool but James has shown that he's got the timing and abiliity to take on something much more solid and demanding.

Specifically he's now using an AKAI MPC sampler (the hip hop artists weapon of choice apparantly) to trigger a series of samples, percussion, phrases and all sortsa shite live. In rehersal so far this makes us sound even more live to the point where I figure we're one of this scenes most genuine live acts. One of anyway ;) 

In due course we might be taking on even more liveness who knows but for the forseeable future it'll be the four of us.

Kinda a nice round figure innit.
23 // 07 // 2009

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