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EXS progress.

 It's a long hard road out of Hull. Apparantly.

But thats another story.

Conjuring up our third album. The big question is "where do we go next" and the answer has been pretty obvious to me from early on. We wanted to become the Slayer of UK industrial. To do an album harder hitting and more extreme than any UK band had attempted without as such writing a bunch of 8 minute work outs. We wanted short, well crafted and accessible songs that nevertheless were showing teeth on every level, screaming and howling their way into your frontal lobe with little respite or pity on the listener.

Whether we achieve this is down to posterity.

But you can certainly expect something altogether heavier and more evil from "EXS" than any "Brit EBM" band has ever come close to attempting without becoming self indulgent and elitist. 

The process of write and rewrite, pause, examine, drop the weaker songs and write new ones has been ongoing. Char in particular has been hard on my to achieve higher and highter standards of pure unadulterated stomp. To the extent that the "sure finished" demos I'm currentyl listening to are giving me serious ear bleeding, nightmare inducing sessions. This stuff is terrifying. You can dance to it for sure but only if your heart is given over to the jungian side of your psyche. If you want nice poppy songs go elsewhere, this is designed sure to be accessible, but tied to a sound that owes more to ministry, Whitehouse, terrorfakt and P.A.L than it does to VNV and depeche mode. 

We've kept the bones clean of fat and gristle. Lopped off overlong intros and outros, trimmed uneccessary repetitions and elaborations and kept the songs as lean and direct as possible. Ironic some would say (you see I can laugh at myself a touch innit). And listened over and over at every level, trying to analyse and develop, to understand where we can take the songs to drill into the listeners brain. 

It's been immensely hard work but we are getting there.

I've said time and time again that our intent is to make our music as original, powerful and honest as possible and EXS sounds to me like yet another step towards that goal. For sure some people will strugglr to come to terms with great music coming from people of our background and style and general dourness as opposed to being lovable scenester darlings. WTF say I. We're not here for anyone other than ourselves. To leave a legacy of music. Nothing less.

21 // 07 // 2009

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