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 Work on the third album is well underway. Decided to get on with it and put some positive energy out in response to recent bouts of bullshit from the dimension of TOTAL FAIL. You make me sick I make music kinda vibe.

Anyway :P

Yeah positive energy. 

Started this album at christmas just about. From 200 ideas, to about 25 partial songs to about 14 "finished" songs which I'm now polishing up, adding ghost vocals with the correct lyrics and so on to. Next phase will be to record all the audio that needs recording and thence onto the mixdown. Im putting huge amounts of time and effort in so this might be ready sooner than later. There's not rush to put it out, but I'm a total workaholic and love working on the music. 

EXS is the title I've totally settled on, nice and early too. And this is indeed an excessive whoreslut of an album. Its lasciviously brutal and very dirty. It wants a spanking this album does. Discipline. 

It's already sounding harder than DOS, more so than that album outpounded SIC IMHO. In fact theres a strong noise influence this time round with a real nod of the head to Terrorfakt in terms of the sonic delivery. Obviously we're a differant kinda band from Terrorfakt but...yeah thats one clear influence. Also its just plain HEAVIER.  You can dance to it but only in a "kill everybody on the dancefloor" way. I demand blood this time. I want to bathe in it.

06 // 06 // 2009

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