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Tour Diary 6: And so it ends..

Whew, back now in dear old Blighty, having survived my first tour and six days with Combichrist without loss of life, limb or too great an amount of well-being.  Unlike poor Rich, who I can honestly say will never forget that birthday as long as he lives :)

Germany's gig was OK, I thought.  Not massive (and certainly not in the same league as London or Sunderland), but I felt we acquitted ourselves.  Apparently there's something of a tradition of the first show in Germany being a bit flat, so hopefully next time they'll go mental for us.

The venue was amazing - another of these cavernous industrial warehouse-type places I'm beginning to wonder may be common on the continent (given my highly limited experience of Breda, Utrecht and here).  The food was fantastic (german cooked meat and cheese - 'nuff said) and the stage crew were the epitomy of efficiency*.

I decided to stay and catch the full AP and Combi set tonight, being as it was my last chance, and neither disappointed.  Both bands have been fantastic all tour, and I felt a bit of a sense of triumph as Andy and the gang gleefully concluded "WTFIWWY" by trashing the set for the sixth night in succesion.  Including having Trevor launch himself horizontally at Joey, THROUGH the latter's drum kit!  How their equipment holds up I've no idea..

There was much partying afterwards, with the other bands heading off to WGT after this.  I've an array of amusing pics, and even a couple of videos from the bit when they guys found a wheelbarrow in the parking lot and drove each other round (look out for my 'wheelbarrow-cam' soon..).

And so it ended, slightly ingloriously for us as we left the bus as Gießen station to get a train to Frankfürt.  From there it was all a bit of a shambles: the train had an unexpected diversion, resulting in us nearly getting out a station early (THAT woulda been interesting!); the airport had next to no baggage trolleys (try lugging three flight cases and two huge bags up stairs - not fun) and the weirdest multi-layer layout Ive encountered; our plane didn't even have jet engines, it was PROPELLER driven(!), and so on..  But eventually I've made it back to dear Sheffield; tired, grubby (I still had most of the black stage make-up Combichrist attacked me with last night!) but undeniably having loved pretty much every minute of the tour.

I'll leave you with a few choice quotes from us and our companions, accumulated over our various adventures.  Won't say whose is whose, I'll leave you to guess...

Thank God for that, I thought I'd lost my trousers

That's a toilet. Or maybe a car park..

I'll stop trying to force fish on people

Oh my God are you from Uberbyte? Will you sign my nipple?

Sorry, is she your girlfriend?

Yeah, I was laying in the street smoking..

I'm in the wrong business. Mind you, I don't think I'd do any better in porn.

Can you put my pants back now please?

That was a great tour. Apart from the jail time.

I've lost my thing for my face

Joe, lose the pants, get in the wheelbarrow

Thanks all, and goodnight  :)

* Just a side note on this, as I've often noticed in the UK that stage hands in music venues are more.. laid-back than their counterparts in the theatre.  Having dabbled a bit in dramatics I'm used to a set change being a flurry of activity which can transform a town square into a house interior (including bringing a double bed down a 2'6"-wide passageway) in literally less than a minute.  Music venues, by contrast, adopt a more stately approach to patching in cables and leads, presumably because there is so much riding on the setup being done correctly.  Not saying either is wrong or right, it's just a contrast I find amusing at times.  And it should be noted that change-overs BETWEEN bands will still often happen at a fair old pace.
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