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Tour Diary 5: Birthday pt2

Wow, it's my first time EVER in Germany, and I'm playing a gig here!  How cool is that?!

Anyway, London.  Awesome.  Nothing much remarkable before the show, just chilling out backstage and trying to get everything together for the trip abroad.  We had the sound guy from Rich's old band too, and he did great things with our front-of-house sound.

Oddly enough, one of the best bits of the show was before we even appeared!  We were backstage, ready to go, they faded the interim music... and people started chanting for us!  That's the first time I can remember a crowd doing that, and it gave us such a buzz as we appeared on stage.

From there it just got better - London was possibly the best audience I can remember so far (granted, I can't always remember MUCH of a show, but I seem to recall it's a photo finish between London and Sunderland).  The place was pretty much full to capacity on the bottom floor, and the balcony looked crowded too, and it was a total rush to hear everyone shouting back "Stand up for Uberbyte!" on the last song.  Total win :)

Things got even more crowded and mental for Aesthetic Perfection (I tried to get near the front but gave up halfway - seriously, it was THAT rammed) and Combichrist just lifted the roof.  Oh, and they weren't quite done with his birthday celebrations too!  Al had got him a chocolate cake (with the number 64 on top in penis-shaped candles - we're classy, us!) and the guys were good enough to present it to Richard.  By 'present' I mean they force-fed him more vodka, smashed the cake in his face and kicked him in the balls.  Again.  Note to self: never have a birthday on tour..  Again, there should be video about soon - look out for the bit where Greg tilts Rich's head back for the vodka, and Joey takes advantage of the distraction to kick him in the balls.  Now THAT'S fucking Teamwork!!

Sadly there was little time to stay and chat to people after the show cos we had to haul ass to get to the ferry, but we did meet a bunch of realy cool folks (it was great to finally see some I've only spoken to online before) and they were all really nice about the show.  I wanna go back to London soon!

I actually went to sleep before we reached the ferry, and lurked in the coach all through the trip.  It was weird going to sleep in England and waking up in Belgium, but there you go.  I think I DID wake up on the ferry once, cos the bus made this massive lurch sideways - I was worried it was going to throw me out of the bunk, then land Joey Letz (whose bunk's above mine, if you recall) on top of me.  Given the state Joey had been in (he needed Greg to help him negotiate the corridor, never mind the stairs!) I suspect that would not've been good.  Still, I coulda said that "Today I Awoke to the Rain of Joe"..

Anyhoo, since we couldn't bring Al and Jim to Germany we're back to a trio for tonight, but we'll still give it our all.  Koln, here we go...
28 // 05 // 2009

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