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Tour Diary 4: Happy F**king Birthday

Ohh, our poor singer!  Rich is feeling decidedly the worse for things today, having made the schoolboy error of having his birthday while on tour with Combichrist.  Or at least, letting it be known that it's his birthday while on tour with Combichrist.

But going back a bit..  We woke up in Bilton, which appears to be a small town somewhere outside Wolverhampton.  This tour sure gets us all the glamour spots(!)  The first order of the day was breakfast tho, which the tour itinerary helpfully had scheduled for 1300 - rock 'n' roll!  The venue was actually pretty good - probably the biggest of all we've been in so far, with an excellent-sized stage.  Plus they served us a massive fry-up for breakfast, so I liked it.

After brekky we sat about trying to get internet - there wasn't wireless so I ended up turning our laptop into a wireless point.  Geek skills FTW!!!  We also managed to find some Doritos for Dan - apparently the UK and the Netherlands are the only countries IN EUROPE that have Doritos, and he was missing them. Awww...

Soundchecks went well.  Andy wasn't about so Dan soundchecked for Combichrist, and started doing some hilarious impressions of Andy - I've got a video of the second half of Body Beat which I'll put up sometime.  We've also changed our stage setup slightly, borrowing some keyboard stands so we're not all tethered to that damn' table, and taken the mute pad off Jim's surdo.  It's now ridiculously loud, to the point where he's pretty much all I can hear on stage.  It's cool tho, as long as he keeps in time LOL!

We had an extra opening band for this gig, in the form of Deviant UK who kicked things off nicely.  Unfortunately Mark (drummer)'s kit kept shuffling across the stage trying to run away from him, so he could only play the first couple of songs, but the guys made an excellent job of continuing.  Our set went great, we temporarily switched in mine and Jim's fave "Ich Will Tanzen" instead of "Under the Cross" to give Rich's voice a bit of a break, and the new stage layout gave us all some more space and freedom.  AP and Combi were just as awesome as they've been all tour - I don't know how those guys do it night after night!

And so to the birthday fun..  We've all been teasing Rich about what he's in for, Joey and the Combi guys resolutely maintaining that "he's fucked", and Andy even asking for a time check before "Blut Royale", announcing that Rich had "One hour left..".  I had no idea what they had planned for him, and probably can't describe the result in a way that does justice.  Once the videos are up, I'll let them do the talking, but suffice to say it involved duct tape, a chair, vodka, wine, beer, bananas and forks.  Trust me, if Combichrist ran Guantanemo Bay, you'd have got all the answers you ever needed within a week.  Rich's quote was "I remember saying, 'Is that all you've got?' Then the pasta bowl hit me".. 'nuff said.

So after he stopped quivering we piled back on the bus to let the celebrations continue.  More beer/wine/JD/vodka/etc was drunk, more cheese was played, and I've found out that, no matter how good a singer you are normally, everbody sings the same once wasted (i.e. loudly and badly).  My evidence for this is our dear leader braying along to Def Leppard (a band he normally hates) before declaring "SHEFFIELD'S FINEST!!!!' at the top of his voice.  Lolz.

So today we woke up in London.  Playing the O2 Academy Islington today, which I've so far observed is (a) massive and (b) weirdly laid out.  Assuming we don't get lost on the way to the stage, tonight should be fun.
27 // 05 // 2009

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