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Tour Diary 3: Dead Man's Party

Whew-ee!  Sunderland may be a bit off the traditional beaten track for touring EBM bands, but they sure give you a hell of a response!

We rolled in sometime mid-afternoon, to find a spread of food even better than the one in Edinburgh - this just keeps getting better and better!  Plus the addition of a venue dog (Daniel made us lol by complaining "This isn't the dog I had on my rider") and there was some sort of weird attic room upstairs with, among other things, an old electric chair..  Slightly worrying, in a "Jigsaw-from-Saw's lair" kind of way..

Anyway, we managed to soundcheck OK, although with Jim and Al along again tonight we were.. slightly pushed for space, to put it mildly :)  Not quite as squeezed as the first gig we did in the North-East (the infamous Fireplace show) but very nearly.

It didn't affect the performance though - in fact, if anything it just concentrated our energy front and centre.  Audience response is just getting better and better on this tour, and by the end we were hot, exhausted but hellish happy.  Aesthetic perfection had a slight technical hitch during one of the songs - the keyboard got knocked over and it killed the power couplings - but thanks to the awesome Gabe Shaw (AP's keyboardist and Combi's roadie - more on him later) they wer back up and rocking in double-quick time.  Combichrist were hugely impressed with the audience response (Andy asking why the f**k they hadn't played this place before) and gave a thundering show, wrecking the stage with even more aplomb and enthusiasm than before.  They've also got their regular drummer Trevor back, after Mark from VNV filled in on the last couple of gigs.  He's a lot more.. flamboyant than Mark, shall we say?  Again, more on this later.

The after-show was a bit of a non-event sadly, as nobody was really sure if there was going to be one until half an hour from the end, so most of us ended up back on the bus.  We managed to get Jim along with us too, and set off for Wolverhampton with Dan and Joey Letz manning the iPod jukebox.  Which was when we found something interesting about these guys - although they play industrial and suchlike, the stuff they listen to is far more varied, from hip hop and rap to electro and, frankly, cheese.  There really is nothing quite like hurtling through the North of England with Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party" rocketing out of the speakers and watching some of the scene's leading personalities dancing like loons.  From there it all went south, climaxing, as it were, with the Village People's "In The Navy"..  By then most folks had turned in, mind, and by 4am or so it was just Joey, Jim and me keeping the party rolling.  We hit a service station about 5ish, and he's got some class pics of us lot messing about on the kiddie rides: Bob the Builder forklifts, stuff like that.

I woke up somewhere near Wolverhampton today.  Internet's been patchy, so more later..
26 // 05 // 2009

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