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Tour Diary 2: Eee, fish 'n' chips!

Edinburgh wins again :)

We arrived a few hours late (the bus got a flat tyre on the way up, so we spent several hours in a Durham service station waiting for the ATS guy; rock ‘n’ roll, eh?) but it was all better when we got to the venue (which was awesome, by the way, although they had some weird red things on the walls which I think were meant to be devil horns, but actually seemed kinda phallic..) and saw the fantastic spread of food the promoters had put on for us. They even got us fish’n’ chips – again!

With the late running it was one of those soundcheck-turn-around-and-go-on-again gigs, but since they pushed the doors back half an hour it meant the place was pretty much at capacity by the second song. Unfortunately, due to bus space, we were down two members – Jim and Al couldn’t make it all the way up so it was just the three of us – but we gave it all we had and the crowd definitely seemed bouncier than last night (sorry Sheffield!). “Under the Cross” pwned once again, and “Last Human” is great fun to play.

Aesthetic Perfection kept things bubbling along excellently, Daniel confessing that he “literally had no voice left” by the end of the show – hopefully he’ll have recovered a bit by this evening!

Combichrist were immense. It was a bit of a crowd on the relatively small stage, but the massive levels of energy and enthusiasm from the crowd seemed to fuel them up and they came back storming. “Body Beat” and “Sent to Destroy” continue to be my personal favourites, but it was all fun, and Andy seemed to be channelling Roger Daltrey for some of it, windmilling the mike around and thoroughly trashing the stage at the end (in fact they all joined in with that!).

The after-party was only on til midnight, with it being Sunday, but it was quite fun, albeit not quite as good as the one in the Hive last year (the one in the dungeon-style stone caverns). After that kicked us out Joey, Amy and I went hunting for pizza. Joey even had a good crack at going native and ordered a Doner kebab – WIN! Though he stopped short of doing it truly properly and getting salad with it, then picking it out and dropping it on the pavement..

Then it was pretty much back to the tour bus and we sat about mostly talking films. Seems Dan hates Christian Bale, Z.Marr hates Ashton Kucher and we all hate Nicholas Cage, especially that damn Wicker Man remake (although Lord of War was pretty cool).

No punctures or drama on the way to Sunderland today, hoorah, so now we’re just sitting about waiting for the hotel to let us in and educating Daniel from AP about Chavs, or Charvers as they’re called in this neck of the woods. Looks a good venue – we’ll see how the gig goes..

Stay tuned, Ubertribe!
25 // 05 // 2009

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