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Tour Diary 1: The story so far

Well, here we are in Edinburgh, and we're all alive (if not awake!) so it's all good so far.

But to go back to the beginning.  I'd had a bit of a party in my new flat last night, so a lot of us were a bit dazed and confused from that, but one way or another we all made it to Corporation in time for soundchecking.  The place was already starting to fill up as we headed backstage to get ready, so we had a good vibe.

So we got the nod to go on, headed for the stage and saw.. nothing!  Not that it was empty, just the whole place was filled with loads of smoke.. :)  It soon cleared up though, and in the third song the lighting guys put the front strobes on and MY GOD - the place was full all the way to the back!  Cue much going mental from us and the crowd, and for once I didn't run out of energy by the third song in!  It was great to play some new live tracks off DOS too, especially "Last Human", which kicks ass live.

Aesthetic Perfection and Combichrist were both awesome, tho I was manning our merch stall through both so I missed out on the proper crowd experience.. :(  Never mind, hopefully later.  For those who haven't heard, btw, Mark from VNV Nation is moonlighting as Combi's additional drummer, which works brilliantly.

The SyN afterparty upstairs was fantastic as usual, though VERY warm with all the people up there.  Thankfully us old Corp veterans know where to find the air vents and fans to keep cool!  Unfortunately I've no amusing backstage antics to relate this time round, as I was in the club all night - rock 'n' roll FAIL!

We piled on the bus after Corp kicked out, saying a fond farewell to various peeps who'd come down to see us (including the usual hardcore Ubertribe from York).  I managed to find a bunk and stayed chilling with the guys downstairs til about 6ish before turning in.. or so I thought!  Turns out I'd unintentionally found Joey Letz's bunk, and I think he was a bit surprised!  Poor guy - seem to remember the same sort of thing happened to him on the last tour too!

So after I found a proper bunk I got another hour or two's sleep before I noticed we'd stopped moving..  We got a flat tyre heading up here and had to wait for the breakdown guys to fix it (think the driver's boss wasn't too happy getting a phone call at 9am Sunday to say the bus's broken!!)

So here we are in Edinburgh.  Nice venue, and I'm just about to go tuck into the food the promoters have laid on (these guys are great, and even bought fish 'n' chips for us last time).  More to come from the Uber-tour tomorrow!
24 // 05 // 2009

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