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So that was it - Uberbyte ends 2009 in class, and we have bigger and better things planned for 2010, including a full US tour with Nachmahr in June/July.  Yep, that's right - Uberbyte's coming to America!  Along with the new album EXS - which is, frankly, a brutal quantum leap above everything we've done before - and, of course, more of the same batshit mental live shows you've come to expect from us. You think you know Uberbyte? You ain't seen nuthin' yet...  Read more
28 // 12 // 2009
So, anyone who's read my previous entry would expect me to wake up with a screaming hangover, right?  Well NAH NAH NAH to you - I was absolutely fine when I awoke, just a slight bit tired (consequence of sleep at 4am and waking at 10am).  Still, that didn't prevent a hearty English brekky at the first service station on the way to Sunderland being extremely welcome! The edifying topic of conversation for today was how truly awfully terrible spome of the Sci-Fi cahnnel's movies are - mainly the ones involving huge animals of some kind or another.  We're thinking Komodo... Read more
12 // 12 // 2009
I've had a couple of people asking if I'm gonna write up our  awesomely fun couple of days supporting Grendel, so here goes.. The car journey up to Scotland was long, the tedium of travelling broken only by our usual mental ramblings and in-jokes - this time inspired by the Dog Day vs Cat Day that I'd read to James that morning, so we were quipping "Road, my favourite thing", "Trees, my favourite thing!", "Scotland, my favourite thing!".. Unfortuantely, Glasgow's traffic system was definitely NOT our favourite thing, and the SatNav kept losing its signal and sending us round in circles!  Thankfully one... Read more
11 // 12 // 2009
 The order which we're using is not finalised 100% but we have a good idea. Either way, here's a few words for the record on EXS and what it's all about. 1. EXS- We're kicking off with the titular album title this time. Why ? Why not. It's certainly a bit of a scene setter in many ways. The overall feel of things is crunchy, dark, distorted and nasty, this is an industrial album, not a synthpop album and while, as is the case here, the tracks have a heavy emphasis on groove and danceability, we feel that all this nice,... Read more
10 // 11 // 2009
I was going to do this in one big write-up, but since I seem to natter on a bit I've split it into two.  So, where to begin? Probably on the ferry on the way over. More specifically, on the Friday morning on the ferry. It felt like I hardly slept at all before we got woken up for breakfast (4am GMT, FFS!) but a hearty fry-up sorta made it worth it. Then it was off to Utrecht! We got there without drama, thankfully, and decided to drop the gear off at the Tivoli Oudegracht where we're playing, rather than having to... Read more
10 // 08 // 2009
 Just a note of thanks to the crowd who were at the Scandy show at Club Deviant last Sunday. We had a great giggle showcasing some new stuff (for those who don't know, we now do a live industrial cover of Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" - WIN!!) and gave James his first show in his new role. I also (finally) got to look round the new Cyberdog in Camden - man, that place is HYUGE! All ahead full now to Summer Darkness!! Read more
03 // 08 // 2009
 In case some of you are confronted with some strange changes at fortthcoming gigs.  We've dropped the surdos for the time being from the Uberbyte line up. They were kinda cool but James has shown that he's got the timing and abiliity to take on something much more solid and demanding. Specifically he's now using an AKAI MPC sampler (the hip hop artists weapon of choice apparantly) to trigger a series of samples, percussion, phrases and all sortsa shite live. In rehersal so far this makes us sound even more live to the point where I figure we're one of this scenes most genuine... Read more
23 // 07 // 2009
 It's a long hard road out of Hull. Apparantly. But thats another story. Conjuring up our third album. The big question is "where do we go next" and the answer has been pretty obvious to me from early on. We wanted to become the Slayer of UK industrial. To do an album harder hitting and more extreme than any UK band had attempted without as such writing a bunch of 8 minute work outs. We wanted short, well crafted and accessible songs that nevertheless were showing teeth on every level, screaming and howling their way into your frontal lobe with little respite or... Read more
21 // 07 // 2009
Click here for the Uberbyte interview in Side line Read more
15 // 07 // 2009
 We have a few orders still on hold ...we're just waiting for another new batch of CD's to arrive from the states. If you're waiting on a delivery we've not forgotten you.  We're just being hamstrung by the crappy postal service AGAIN. Read more
15 // 06 // 2009